ADHD Life Coaching

If you or someone you care about has ADHD or ADD, life can be challenging, chronically chaotic and unsatisfying…it doesn’t have to be.

ADHD Coaching, Laurie DuparHi!  My name is Laurie Dupar and I am a trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed ADHD coach, CEO of Coaching for ADHD and Founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center.

I have lived with ADHD professionally and personally for over 30 years. First, my husband was diagnosed with ADHD and the mother of four (two diagnosed with ADHD), and recently diagnosed myself. So… I know how crazy life can be.

And what’s even crazier is how hard it is to find a professional who really understands your ADHD. Someone who get it so they can help you or perhaps a loved one better manage the challenges. Someone that understands the impact ADHD has on your work, family, academics, relationships, etc. And someone who also knows how to help you live and experience life with your ADHD in a totally different way. Life with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard.

Which is why coaching people with ADHD has been my passion for the past fifteen years. There is hope. Working together I can help you enjoy your life and even appreciate your ADHD. Things can be different. I know because I have helped thousands of people experience change. They stopped living afraid of what might happen next because of their ADHD, they experienced less ADHD challenges, leveraged their strengths and started enjoying living in a way suited uniquely to who they are.

ADHD Coaching

Partnering together, as coach and client, coaching helps you be aware of and fully understand how ADHD has been impacting your life (probably in ways you didn’t even realize). What’s underneath your ADHD experiences or behavior. Coaching helps you clarify, define and prioritize your goals, what you would like to change in your life, how to get past your obstacles, and use your strengths to create your personal “this is how I do it” strategies, systems and structures so you can follow through and create new lasting habits.

ADHD Coaching works because it is a goal-oriented partnership between you and I.  I am with you every step of the way. From defining your particular obstacles to growth and change, what isn’t working for you, so we can is approached these head on. No more not knowing what is getting in the way of your success, satisfaction and fulfillment. To get past these obstacles, we design a custom plan, systems and strategies uniquely for you. No more trying to fit yourself into a cookie cutter approach. Your plan reflects your goals, your priorities, your challenges and leverages your strengths.  The extra support and accountability from me who understands ADHD in a way few can…keep you moving forward every step of the way.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to reduce the chaos of your life, find more time in your day and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment?

Laurie, just wanted to let you know that my talk with you absolutely helped me climb out of the gremlin muck. I didn’t realize how completely devastating being in that muck has been to my ADHD brain and productivity.
I managed to complete a big client project task since and slowly but surely getting back to work. I’m definitely going to put your coaching call in my emergency toolbox in case such a setback happens again!!” ~ A. W.

ADHD Coaching

To find out if ADHD Coaching is right for you, follow these simple three steps:

1. Schedule your complimentary consultation by clicking here.

I am happy to provide this complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to answer any initial questions you have about me or my coaching.

2. After the consultation you may decide that you want to schedule a Jump Start ADHD Strategy and Planning Session.  For this appointment, we can meet in person in the Seattle area or by phone.  During this 2 hour intensive session, we will uncover further the specifics of your ADHD challenges, begin designing new strategies that you can use right away and decide on the best way to keep your momentum going. Find out more here.

3. Following the strategy session, you will have the information you need about your ADHD to decide on your next steps. Whether that be private custom ADHD Coaching, a variety of teleclass options or a combination of these.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!



Questions? No problem, email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Laurie has a unique ability to bridge goal setting with her knowledge of ADD. She has been very helpful to me as I have become aware in my early 40's that I had ADD. ”
John, Business Owner,
former Corporate VP of Fortune 500 company