The ADHD Coaches Reference Guide: Your Key to Coach->Client Success

This is the perfect resource for ADHD Coaches! A informational visual guide to help you inform, educate and advocate for your clients and their families! 

As an ADHD Coach, you are often asked about what you do and how you do it, and about the benefits of working with a coach.

Your clients, their families and teachers want to know more about their symptoms and treatments of ADHD, as well as the inner dynamics of their ADHD mind.

You are constantly enhancing the awareness of ADHD in a variety of settings such as speaking, consultations, referrals, joint venture partners, etc.

Now imagine a resource that helps you easily do all this!

The ADHD Coaches Reference Guide: Your Key to Coach->Client Success is a workbook designed by an experienced ADHD coach for emerging ADHD coaches to help you communicate all the intricacies of ADHD.

Created in easy to understand colorful graphics, this reference guide will allow you to:

  • Educate your clients and families about the symptoms, treatments, brain functioning associated with ADHD. You may copy individual pages to use as handouts for your clients in welcome packages, informational or ongoing sessions.  (The “Executive Function”, ADHD Wheel and the “Self Medication” pages are very popular and useful to a wide variety of clients)
  • Advocate for clients in academic or work situations with clear explanations of the ADHD brain type and needs
  • Illustrate the step-by-step coaching process during informational/ongoing sessions
  • Provide bright, colorful visual support that ADHD clients benefit from when learning about their ADHD

Pages include:

  • Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale
  • The Unique ADHD Brain and Executive Functioning
  • Coaching and Therapy

And so much more!


This one-of–a-kind resource comes with the pages in an 8x11inch binder with sheet protectors allowing you to have them accessible and available to use with your clients and travel to presentations. In addition, you will receive each of the pdfs on a CD so you can easily print them out and share with clients.


“I bought the CD version of Laurie’s “The Key to Coach-Client Success” at the ACO Conference. As an adult with ADHD, a mother of young man with ADHD, and an ADHD Coach I found the information inspirational and content rich in a very ADHD friendly way. I love how Laurie has used different fonts, colors and drawings. It has inspired me in wanting to create something similar for my present and future clients.” ~Charlotte Hjorth, ADHD Coach, ACG, PACG, Denmark. 


Here is my advice to any coaches, social workers, doctors, ADHD group leaders, educators and anyone else who works with individuals affected by ADHD: get this binder of removable visually stimulating sheets on ADHD or get the download and print whichever information sheets you wish to use. You will be glad you have it and it will add quality to your practice. ~ Abigail Wurf Coaching, M.Ed, CLC  Washington DC

Coaches Reference Guide in Print Format with Specially Designed 3-Ring Binder AND CD with all the pdfs for easy printing in color and sharing online via email – Only $237

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