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» Coaching for ADHD Affiliates

Coaching for ADHD Affiliates

An Invitation to Help Spread the Word to your clients, friends and followers that Coaching for ADHD can help and…

Earn a commission when you do!


Click Here to Sign Up as An Affiliate

If you are already an Affiliate Login Here

What is an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a way for you to share Coaching for ADHD products and programs with your clients, friends and family and receive a commission for any sales – it is completely free.  With this process, everybody wins.  We get to help more people and you get rewarded for spreading the word.

So how does it work?

Once you sign up to become an affiliate, you’ll receive your own unique traceable URL that you can put on your website or send through your newsletters, e-mails, social media and referrals. The best part about this link, is that EVERY time someone purchases a product or enrolls in an affiliate supported program from our website using your link, it can be traced back to you and you will get rewarded.  There is no chance that we’ll forget to send you your due thanks!

Once you sign up as an affiliate, the system does all the work while you just promote through emails, newsletters and even social media.  You will receive an email confirmation every time you make a sale and you will be paid every three months via Paypal.

How do I track payments and commissions?

Once you sign up, you’ll be send an e-mail with your login details to access the Members Only Affiliate Area.  There, you’ll be able to track your commissions in real-time and check your complete statistics.

      You’ll be able to find out:

  • How many unique visitors you’ve received.
  • How many direct sales have been made.
  • Your total earnings, total paid and amount due to you.
  • Full order statistics, including date ordered

You’ll also be able to download banners, links and icons to put on your website, plus you will be able to ask us for any help and advice regarding this opportunity via the special affiliate email address.

In short, you can rest assured that full and detailed statistics are available whenever you require them.  Our ordering system uses the latest in Internet technologies. Everything is processed is processed in real-time ad your commissions are added and totaled automatically.

Help us Spread the word about Coaching for ADHD

and together we’ll help them succeed!

We are happy to have you on board!


*Thank you for registering as an affiliate for Coaching for ADHD. Please check your email. You will receive an email shortly from us containing information about the program.

Current Coaching for ADHD Affiliates

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