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The Most Powerful Tool You Have But Are Not Using by Carlene Bauwens

ADHD Strategies    April 16, 2015

The following Guest Blog was written by Carlene Bauwens, a contributor to the ADHD Awareness Book Project: Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD. You have the best of intentions. You try. You don’t know what keeps getting in your way. You just can’t do it. You feel like a failure. So you tell yourself you are … read more »

The Beautiful Brain: Celebrating the Differences, Diversity and Divinity of the ADHD Brain

ADHD Awareness    November 8, 2012

There was once a man who had never seen an eagle. One day a magnificent eagle landed on his windowsill, and when he saw it, he exclaimed, “What an ugly creature!” The man grabbed the eagle and pulled it into his house. “First, I’m going to fix that curved beak of yours.” He used a file … read more »