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To Bope Or Not To Bope-Featured Contributor Michael Schuler

ADHD Awareness Book Project    August 11, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be (Shakespeare) And For Me To Bope Or Not To Bope ….. we live in a biper world i have spent the majority of my life trying to bipe i can bipe no longer i am a boper and i love to bope ….. This Is A Short Telling Of A … read more »

You Are Not the Boss of Me … or Are You? How to Shift the “Attitude” and Have More Fun In Your Job ~ Guest Blogger Shell Mendelson

In my twenties I worked for a big corporation as a legal secretary. Now imagine an off-the-chart ADDer doing this job in the first place. After being shuffled around the legal department to various attorneys who the company thought I could work with, I ended up with a woman attorney who was three years my senior. … read more »

Want Better Attention? – Wake Up Your Brain with the Gross and Sexy Factor!

ADHD Awareness Book Project, ADHD Strategies    June 10, 2015

I am excited to introduce you to Dr. Kari Miller, ADHD coach and educational therapist, who is one of the 2015 ADHD Awareness Book Project contributors. She is one of our Featured Contributors and Guest Bloggers at CoachingforADHD.com. Dr. Kari will be sharing more tips and stories in the October release of Wacky Ways to Succeed … read more »