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» Ten Tips to Better Manage Your Time for ADHD

Ten Tips to Better Manage Your Time for ADHD

ADHD Strategies    June 9, 2011

Time Management Strategies with ADHD

1.PLAN — Start each day by taking time to think about what you want to accomplish that day with specific emphasis on one to five things.

2.CHECK-IN PERIODICALLY DURING THE DAY- Ask yourself frequently during the day if what you are doing at that moment is what you want to be doing and is it helping you accomplish your goals.

3.USE A PLANNING SYSTEM -The more time we spend planning a project, the less time is required for it. Use a calendar, smart phone, computer calendar to keep track of tasks and break them down into manageable parts.

4.CONCENTRATE — The amount of time spent on a project is not what counts; it’s the amount of uninterrupted time. Make sure you are in the right environment for you.

5.TAKE BREAKS — To work for long periods of time can decrease energy, as well as increase stress, tension, and boredom. Switching from a mental task to a physical task and back, can provide relief, increase your efficiency, reduce tension, and even benefit your health.

6.REDUCE CLUTTER — In most cases, clutter hinders concentration and causes frustration and tension. When you find your desk or work space becoming chaotic, take time to re organize.

7.AVOID PERFECTIONISM — There is a difference between striving for excellence and for perfection. Getting something 85% perfect and handed in is better than 150% or more than perfect and not handed in.

8.LEARN TO SAY “NO” — Learn to decline, tactfully, politely, yet firmly. Practice what you will say often.

9.DON’T PROCRASTINATE — Waiting to the end may feel like you have more energy to do the task, but more than likely you end up rushed, out of time and with results less than what you would have done if you had started earlier. Decide to change habits immediately, but don’t take on too much too quickly.

10.DELEGATE — decide to delegate the tasks that someone else can do, wants to do and take you too long to do!

13 Responses to Ten Tips to Better Manage Your Time for ADHD

  1. Sue Schubert     June 9, 2011    8:43 am    Reply

    Hi Laurie –
    Congratulations on your beautiful website and wonderful blogs. ADHD is definetely somethings we have struggled with in our family. Our baby, Andrew will enter high school in the Fall. He has been at a private school the past 9 years and they have been great working with him (we’ve avoided meds). Next year will be interesting!
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Sue (Faust) Schubert
    PS – How is Blake doing? We’re so proud of him!

  2. Nancy Bean     June 10, 2011    4:42 pm    Reply

    Hello Laurie!
    Great site. Congratulations on making it happen.
    Thanks, too, for the taking the time to share your time-saving tips.
    When it comes to time, email can be my nemesis. Here are two of my favorite tips when dealing with it:

    1. The 2-Minute Rule: Spending a maximum of 2 minutes on any one email response is a fun goal to work toward. While there will always be exceptions, meeting the challenge makes it fun.
    2. Love That Timer: Whether it is on my phone or on the oven, I often use a timer to keep myself from getting sucked into my email box and losing track of time. This keeps me focused on those that are most important as each message screams out for my attention. (Anyone who wants to be a priority in my mailbox simply needs to include the word, ‘chocolate’ in the title.)

  3. Carlos Eduardo Silva     July 30, 2011    7:50 am    Reply

    Hi Laurie, I’m 50 years old and seven years ago fortunately I was diagnosed with adhd. I’m very grateful for its simple but pragmatic and brillant tips!!!

    I suggest, honestly, you can write tips for adhd’s spouses, it would equally be useful.

    Vila Velha,ES, Brazil

  4. Laurie     July 31, 2011    5:06 pm    Reply

    Hi Vila! Thank you for your comment. What tips would you like to see for spouses of persons with ADHD? I am very interested in your thoughts! ~Laurie Dupar

    • Carlos Eduardo Silva     August 1, 2011    7:53 pm    Reply

      Dear Laurie,

      First thanks for your interest.

      I’ve Been married for 25 years now, and only a few years ago I discovered my disorder. With your huge experience with adult clients (impulsive), I assume you can deduce at least two things: my wife is brave and God has blessed us so much!

      Recently I have heard about coaching, and last friday I had a coaching day. I had insights about some recurrent reactions of my wife during our fights, which almost always were caused by my impulsive behavior, and I’m sure that many of them could have been avoided if my wife knew more about my disorder, and was able to realize that many of my attitudes were not personal issues, but only unfortunate ADHD characteristics…



    • Andralyn     September 26, 2011    4:17 pm    Reply

      You are so awseome for helping me solve this mystery.

  5. Laurie     August 2, 2011    1:27 pm    Reply

    Hi Eduardo! My congragulations on being married 25 years! Not a common accomplishment among couples with an ADHD partner. I am glad to hear you are understanding more about your ADHD and both you are your wife are understanding how this affects your relationship. I with you continued success! Keep in touch.

  6. Albert     November 3, 2011    4:50 am    Reply

    Hi. I am 41 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago. My marriage ended in divorce, I had to file for bankruptcy, and my last girlfriend split because I forgot her birthday. On the positive side, I have managed to gain more awareness of my disorder and have started working with a coach. I have finally begun to take things into account when doing my planning. I have a long way to go, but articles of information like this one have been very helpful. Thanks for what you do.

  7. Laurie     November 3, 2011    11:57 am    Reply

    Hi Albert! Thanks for your comment. I am glad you found this article helpful. Your story sounds so similar to many clients I work with. There is good news…you are already doing what is the number one strategy to better manage your symptoms…gaining more awareness of your ADHD!! I am glad to hear you are working with a coach…another terrific step in making the differences you want in your life. Keep in touch. Let me know how things are going. ~Laurie Dupar

  8. Watches Price Cheap     April 23, 2015    10:08 am    Reply

    Very good post. I certainly appreciate this site.
    Stick with it!

  9. Laura Westbrook     July 21, 2015    12:56 am    Reply

    I read Albert’s post above…As a woman with ADD (unaware until diagnosed in my 50’s), I couldn’t understand other women’s ‘attachment’ to significant others remembering birthdays and anniversaries. To me what’s most important is how a loved one treats you day to day. However for those of my friends to whom birthdays and anniversaries MATTER, I appreciate Facebook reminding me!
    About breaking things down into manageable chunks — I’ve always struggled with that; someone says “Break the big task into manageable chunks” & I think “Great! HOW?”

  10. Oscar O'Malley     October 31, 2017    6:56 am    Reply

    Thank you for the tips on time management! My son has ADHD, and I think these tips would be perfect for him. I really like that you mentioned there’s a difference between striving for excellence and perfection. Having him learn and understand these tips should be of great use to him! http://www.progressivegrowthcoaching.com/services

    • laurie     May 3, 2018    6:52 pm    Reply

      Hello Oscar! I’m glad you found the article useful! Did your son have a chance to read it yet? Stay amazing! ~ Laurie

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