Do You Have an ADHD Success Diary?

ADHD Strategies    March 5, 2013

Remember that feeling you had when something worked out well for you? That inner smile and feeling of satisfaction of a ”job well done”?

I don’t know about you, but I always have trouble remembering all of my  ‘little’ every day successes. To be honest with you, the big ones are easier to remember with my ADHD memory, but the small ones, like getting out of the house on time, just seem to slip away.

It’s a shame because the ‘little’ successes are every bit as important as the big ones.  In fact, the big successes are really made up of lots of meaningful small successes. When you recognize them, even the small ones, you can’t help but start to feel good about yourself, and notice even more things that you can do. Acknowledging what you can do means you will start to feel good and build more confidence in yourself. After all you succeeded, didn’t you?

When you feel good and have a way of reminding yourself about the things you have achieved your thinking starts to change. You start to feel happier about yourself and doubts start to fall away. More of your time is spent thinking positively, rather than negatively. Which is a good thing, is it not?

When you write or keep track of your success in a “diary” you will find that “success brings success.”  After all, isn’t it true, with our ADHD brain style, that what we focus on grows?  Why not make it your successes?

You can start to remember these successes in a special place, such as:

  • A diary made for just that purpose
  • A notebook you can write in each day
  • A calendar where you can jot down your accomplishments at the end of the day
  • Slips of paper on a corkboard where you can’t help but see the successes piling up
  • In a small pocket journal that you can conveniently carry around and begin to get fat with your accomplishments…like a wallet full of dollar bills!

Whatever you choose, start it today! Grab a piece of paper and write down one thing that you have already succeeded at today. Take a moment and take in that sense of accomplishment. How’s that?

Next, go out and get your ADHD success diary, or whatever it is you are going to use to keep track of your accomplishments.  Set the intention to keep adding at least three successes to it each day until it is a daily habit. And one last thing, don’t forget to read through your successes often!


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