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When Your Father Dies

Adults with ADHD    August 29, 2018

When your father dies some say you lose your biggest fan.  Some say your childhood ends. The thing is — when your father dies, it doesn’t matter that other people’s fathers have died, that fathers have been dying since human time began. What matters is that he was your father. Your one and only father. The … read more »

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The Feelings of ADHD – Part 1

ADHD Awareness, ADHD in Children, Adults with ADHD    December 2, 2017

Recently on one of my social media sites, I asked my followers to describe what ADHD feels like for them.  The responses provided an interesting insight into what living with ADHD feels like. Why ask people what living ADHD feels like for them? Well, even though an increasing amount of research is being done on ADHD, … read more »

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My ADHD Slip is Showing!

ADHD Strategies, Adults with ADHD    May 31, 2017

It happened again today. I slipped up. I accidentally mis-scheduled an interview with a colleague and showed up exactly two days late. Oops. I feel awful. I hate it when things like this happen…letting someone down is the worst for me. I know what happens next. I will apologize profusely, tell her this sort of thing … read more »

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