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» Celebrate Your ADHD!

Celebrate Your ADHD!

ADHD Awareness, ADHD Resources, Adults with ADHD    October 12, 2011

Next week, October 16-22, 2011 is ADHD Awareness Week here in the United States. For those of us living with ADHD, care about someone with ADHD or work with people who have ADHD, this is a huge deal!

It wasn’t so long ago, that people with ADHD symptoms were thought to have a “defect of moral character”…or that their brains functioned “minimally”. Yikes!

In fact only since the 1980’s, have ADHD symptoms been recognized as an actual diagnosis. Realizing this, it seems like a minor miracle that I am even writing a blog about adult ADHD in which I can talk openly about the challenges and positive qualities of living with ADHD. We have come a long way!

365 ways to succeed with ADHD

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, my contribution to the 2011 ADHD Awareness Week celebration was the bringing together of over 80 ADHD professionals from a variety of disciples to write a full year’s worth of tips and strategies to succeed with ADHD. Yesterday, 365 ways to succeed with ADHD, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com in the Attention Deficit Disorder Category! You can find out more about this book at:

365 ways to succeed with ADHD

National ADHD Awareness Events

During ADHD Awareness Week, many organizations, associations and individuals are coming together to increase the understanding and visibility of ADHD. I encourage you to visit these sites and find out more about “what’s happening”.

First, Tara McGillicuddy, of ADDclasses.com will be hosting a week long virtual “ADHD Awareness Expo”. Again, you can access this via your own home computer…Exhibitors (ADHD experts from all over the country) will be able to connect to the attendees of the conference through virtual exhibit booths, videos and forums! Something you need to experience to appreciate! Tara has literally provided a virtual one-stop place where you can connect with ADHD service providers, ADHD products and ADHD programs. Check it out here at:

ADD Awareness Expo

The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) has organized an entire website to make sure you “get the facts” about ADHD. Even though we have called the symptoms and challenges “ADHD”, for the past 25 years, we are still a long way from taking the mystery out of having ADHD. You can access their information here:

ADHD Awareness Week

A couple of other great resources to check out for ADHD Awareness Activities are the CHADD organization and ADDA. CHADD specializes in both childhood ADHD and adult ADHD. ADDA is an organization the specifically address the needs of adult’s with ADHD. Both of these international organizations strive to enhance the awareness of ADHD every day of the year. You can find out more at:


It’s going to be an exciting week…how are you going to celebrate your ADHD?!

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