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» Nine Delightful Gift Ideas for People with ADHD

Nine Delightful Gift Ideas for People with ADHD

ADHD Resources    December 17, 2014

Oh Dear! Whether you’re ready for it or not, it is the holiday season! However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult time if you are shopping for someone diagnosed with ADHD.

This year I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite tools and gadgets that I either use myself or are just are too clever not to mention!

So, if you have some last minute shopping to do and you are looking for just the right gift for that special someone, any of these would be perfect under the tree, in a stocking or wrapped for a special holiday celebration. Happy Holidays!

[Click on the image or link to find these gift ideas online either at Amazon or website.]

614yMcuePTL._SX425_This type of liquid timer probably saved many wars from breaking out when my kids were growing up. With four kids these timers had one watching it for when their turn was up, the next making sure their turn would be next and a third simply entertained by the flow of the gel. More recently, I have to say that the variety of liquid timers are one of the favorite “tools” of my clients young and old alike. Liquid timers come in a variety of shapes and “times” and are great to use for taking turns, keeping time of shorter tasks such as how long to brush your teeth, preventing shower hours because they are waterproof and can be watched even when wet, helping young ones get a “sense of time” and occupying someone while they wait until it’s time to go.

61+hVM7e5-L._SX425_This is one of my new favorites! Perhaps I never outgrew my love for the texture of sand, but this kinetic sand that sticks together gets my vote. (Picture is the “Executive Sandbox by Brookstone.) It’s as if that round, solid walnut box that keeps the Sand neat gives me all the permission I need to open it up for desktop stress relief or just for fun! You’re never too old to play in the sand.


81VImfQ8jvL._SX425_Believe it or not I have an exercise/yoga ball just like this (only red) that I sit on every day in my office. Originally I used it to help heal a back injury and a year later it is still the most comfortable, ADHD friendly chair in the house!


Writing in Shower with Water - Monday Meeting (465 x 600) for WebsiteDo some of your most brilliant ideas or “aha” moments happen while you are in the shower! If you are like me, in the past I was caught having to step out of the shower with a head of shampoo, in order to jot down that brilliant thought! It’s why I love these handy waterproof pads and paper call My Aqua Notes. Now I can capture those thoughts quickly and easily. No more ideas down the drain!


31y-MG1i7CLAhhhh. The simplicity of a clear zippered bag. A see-thru bag like this is a must for organizing soooo many things! Of course using them it makes it easier to meet those pesky security requirements when I travel and I often use several of them to separately organize my travel size liquids, another for medication and another for my pens, highlighters and sticky notes. Recently I have also found they are just the right size to hold and see at the same time my numerous electronic chargers, earphones and gadgets. I wonder how many uses you could find for these!?

time-timer-plus-visual-timer_9fe3c8Not much would get done at home or at work without these handy timing tools called the Time Timer. I’ve used and recommended them for years and had the chance to meet the delightful creator behind this amazing tool at a recent conference. These are a must for anyone challenged by estimating time, benefit from seeing time count down or love to challenge themselves to beat the clock.

spin_prod_959310512Always fidgeting with something? Spinner rings are a very clever and might I say classy way to be able to fiddle with something…literally right at our fingertips. Although they come in all shapes and sizes this one with a cat caught my eye…can you say “stocking stuffer”?


41XJtjNc9kL._SX425_I’m always on the lookout for new alarm clock. The fact is, getting up and out of bed is one of the hardest challenges for people with ADHD. Anytime I see a new idea for making sure my feet hit the floor in the morning I am game to share it. This clock will not only rouse you from your slumber with a distinctive alarm, but will shake the bed and hop around until you turn it off. Perfect!


61bSrUQD-gL._SX522_How many hours do you waste trying to find something? What would it be like to be able to find your keys, wallet, purse… quicker and easier? That is exactly what this little tiledoes when you sync it with your smart phone. This year this little white chip gets my “clever mention” award for one of the best new ideas to make our lives with ADHD just a little bit less stressful!

Happy holidays!

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