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Welcome! We are thrilled to have a guest speaker join us each month for our Steps to Success: Mini ADHD Teleclasses.

February 2016: Love is more than Sex! with Dr. Robert Wilford and Sarah Ferman of ADHD Couples Success

Most love starts with attraction and chemistry that is motivating and filled with a desire to please our partner. Once married, it can seem like our desire to show up as our best selves for our partner just evaporates. Well meaning couples find themselves wondering what happened!

In LOVE IS MORE THAN SEX, ADHD Couples Experts, Drs. Robert Wilford and Sarah Ferman show you how our culture has you fooled into believing that love is somehow enough. You will learn the biggest myth about love and marriage and why not understanding the truth of love and ADHD might be destroying you relationship and leaving you feeling hopeless, tired, and confused.

Discover the missing link in ADHD Relationships that can rebuild fond feelings, restore closeness, and move couples toward a dynamic and fulfilling life together as a couple.

BIO: Dr. Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford are the co-founders of ADHD Couples Success. Licensed Psychotherapists and ADHD Couples Experts, their work includes 20 years of experience, including thousands of clients and partners who struggle with ADHD. They each deal with ADHD in their respective relationships, and recognize that in addition to the ADHD partner, Non-ADHD partners need support, guidance and tools to cope with their partner’s ADHD. They are realizing their dream with, an online membership community for couples dealing with ADHD to find a community of hope and understanding, without judgment, with proven strategies that work for ADHD Couples.

Click here to gain access to their free gift to you:  A Weekly Couples Success Agenda For A Super Successful Relationship and select Graphic icon: ValentinesDayBonus and enter password: valentines2016   (all lowercase and one word)

November 2015: Navigating the Holidays with Children and ADHD with Tracey Goodwin and Holly Oberacker of Navigating ADHD

The holidays bring us excitement, memories, and unfortunately too often for families impacted by ADHD, stress and frustration. With an understanding of why the holidays can wreak such havoc for a child with ADHD and a few simple strategies, parents can learn not only to manage this busy time of year, but to enjoy the festive season.

Tune into this call below to:

  1. Understand what is happening in the ADHD brain.
  2. Keep a routine “Flow” to your days, weeks, and months during the holiday season
  3. Prepare your child for changes with consistent reminders and visuals
  4. “Teach the Unknown”
  5. Schedule “Talking Time” with your child each and every day

traceyhollyphotoBIO: Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M.Ed, Life Coach Specializing in ADHD, and Holly Oberacker, ATR, LMHC, have 30 years of combined experience working with children, teens and families. Tracey, an Educational and Life Coach, Specializing in ADHD, and Holly, an Art Therapist, joined forces in 2009, founding the consulting business Navigating ADHD, Inc. Navigating ADHD helps children, parents, and professionals struggling with an ADHD diagnosis. Navigating ADHD offers keynote addresses, seminars, workshops, support groups, and one-on-one counseling and ADHD coaching. Their multi-modal approach is dynamic as art is often part of their work with children and teens. They are founders of the models, ARTGuides!™ and Circles of Support™. Tracey and Holly use their own experiences in counseling and education to create practical, realistic strategies that can truly help professionals, parents and children face the daily challenges of ADHD. Their learning and support center is located in Centerville, Massachusetts with satellite offices on Nantucket and virtual services internationally.  Tracey and Holly have been guests on Fox News and NBC’s Mass Appeal and have been featured in the press for their Award Winning Book; Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD.

Click here to gain access to The Real ADHD: Navigating the ADHD Difference (Chapter 1 of their book, Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD). **Password is navigating**

October 2015: Love Your Work - Steps to Creating Joy In Your Career “Most” Days with Shell Mendelson

Many ADHDers live with anxiety about being laid off from their current job. They end up dreading their job and stop loving the work they do. And many settle for feeling less confident or only doing just enough to get through the day.

In this interview, we address the various elements necessary to shift from confusion to clarifying how to start a new plan so you love what you do (most of the time) including:

  • Measuring if your heart is really in your work - An ADHD Approach
  • Managing your mindset to fully embrace the work you love
  • Gaining clarity about what energizes, rather than depletes you on the job
  • Knowing realistically what to expect when you are open to new possibilities
  • The power of patience and seeing the bigger picture
  • Improving 5 specific areas of life when your work is joyful
  • Knowing the basic "rules of thumb" to maintain and continue loving the work you do over the long haul
  • Gleefully transition to the next phase.

BIO: Shell Mendelson, MS is a career coach and counselor of 30 plus years, and specializes in career coaching for adults with ADHD. Diagnosed in 2009, Shell offers a step by step approach to creating a thriving livelihood that takes our unique characteristics into consideration. Shell is an entrepreneur and inventor who founded KidzArt, an international children's art franchise and is currently developing a global socially conscious mobile application. She brings her profound gift of intuition, experience, knowledge and passion for her field and her own work to her clients and the world.

Learn more about Shell at:

Click here to access her bonus ebook: I Have This Idea That Won’t Go Away: Inside the mind of an ADD Entrepreneur.



September 2015: Advocating for School Success with Karen Lowry

Children with ADHD spend a great part of the day in a setting that is not user friendly. They struggle many times with accomplishing expectations set by teachers as they see their peers seamlessly move forward with success. Unfortunately, although we have come so far in our understanding of this medical diagnosis, there are so many gaps in the understanding in our schools that prevent success and lower self-esteem.

The need is there for support, strategies, and sometimes positive behavior plans in order to allow our children to function optimally. All of this comes in the form of accommodations and/or modifications that must be spelled out in either a 504 or an IEP. Tune into this mini teleclass with Karen Lowry and learn important steps to gain these support structures in the school setting.

BIO: As a result of her fourth child diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, Karen Lowry saw the need for effective advocacy in the school system. She initially joined CHADD, became a Parent2Parent Family Trainer, and taught countless classes, both online and in the community to insure that those who needed it had good information to support their child. She is a certified ADHD Coach for families, teens, and college students.

Because Karen believes that effective coaching demands effective school support, she is also an advocate for families whose children are not being supported within the school system.

Learn more about Karen Lowry at

Click here to access her bonus webinar offering: Does Your Child Need an IEP/504 Plan or is He/She Just Struggling?


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