Parents and Students with ADHD

  • Is your child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?  Have you tried boystressedeverything and nothing makes a lasting difference?

  • Are you committed to helping your ADHD student to learn the life skills necessary to be successful academically, personally and socially?

  • Do you want to empower your child, have them feel good about themselves, minimize their challenges and really appreciate their gifts?

I get it! I want your student to succeed!

As a mother of four, two with ADHD, along with my ten years of experience as an ADHD coach I can help!

Parenting a child with ADHD is more then a 24/7 job and there is not a manual or book big enough to answer all the questions for how to do it. 

Which is why I have created a coaching program specifically for students and parents living with ADHD.

Together we will set a foundation to keep them motivated, build their self-esteem and guide them through strategies and techniques that will increase their academic and social success.

This is what I know to be true– The earlier your child can learn to work with their unique thought processes – instead of trying to fit into works for everyone else – the sooner they can begin using specific strategies to help them succeed in life.

It is never too early or too late for your student to benefit from ADHD coaching!

If you haven’t worked with me, a credentialed experienced ADHD Coach and trained Nurse Practitioner…you haven’t tried everything.

Schedule a complimentary 15″ consultation today at and about how ADHD Coaching can help.

Your child needs YOU as their parent and I am here to be their coach.

I’m waiting to help.


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