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Fidget Spinning Out of Control

ADHD in Children, ADHD Strategies    June 29, 2017

Have you seen the latest craze? It’s a fidget spinner. Looking like a cross between a 3” ceiling fan, the head of a triple headed electric shaver and a three pointed Ninja star, it is held between the thumb and a finger and spun. Once spinning, the ball bearings inside rotate in your hand with an … read more »

My ADHD Slip is Showing!

ADHD Strategies, Adults with ADHD    May 31, 2017

It happened again today. I slipped up. I accidentally mis-scheduled an interview with a colleague and showed up exactly two days late. Oops. I feel awful. I hate it when things like this happen…letting someone down is the worst for me. I know what happens next. I will apologize profusely, tell her this sort of thing … read more »

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What I Love About Being an ADHD Coach

ADHD Coach Training    May 8, 2017

“Rewarding to help others find and live in their sweet spot.” The best part of being an ADHD coach is getting to work with smart interesting people who have a great deal of potential just waiting to be unleashed in to the world. I like supporting such people as they hone in on their dreams and … read more »

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