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Your ADHD Valentine in Love and Relationships

ADHD Strategies    February 1, 2018

Ahh Valentine’s Day. A whole day traditionally devoted to celebrating love. And as it is quickly approaching, my thoughts turn to relationships, all sorts of different ADHD relationships, and how ADHD can be a test for even the strongest connections. When I work with adults, often the focus of our coaching sessions turns to a request … read more »

Fun Ways to Get Organized with ADHD

ADHD Strategies    January 1, 2018

In a world where chaos is the natural order of the universe, being or getting organized can seem like a destination we will never quite reach. But what if rather than a destination, we can consider organization as a process.  What if instead we saw organization as a way for us to enjoy our lives more … read more »

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Identify Your Passion and Fulfill Your Purpose

ADHD Strategies    October 31, 2017

I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose in life and that it is strongly connected to what they are passionate about. This is great news for people with ADHD – because when we are passionate about something there is no stopping us! All those ADHD obstacles seem to disappear and we are able to focus … read more »

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