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The Feelings of ADHD – Part 1

ADHD Awareness, ADHD in Children, Adults with ADHD    December 2, 2017

Recently on one of my social media sites, I asked my followers to describe what ADHD feels like for them.  The responses provided an interesting insight into what living with ADHD feels like. Why ask people what living ADHD feels like for them? Well, even though an increasing amount of research is being done on ADHD, … read more »

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Fidget Spinning Out of Control

ADHD in Children, ADHD Strategies    June 29, 2017

Have you seen the latest craze? It’s a fidget spinner. Looking like a cross between a 3” ceiling fan, the head of a triple headed electric shaver and a three pointed Ninja star, it is held between the thumb and a finger and spun. Once spinning, the ball bearings inside rotate in your hand with an … read more »

Imagine a Smooth ADHD Morning Routine…4 Strategies for Getting Your Family There

ADHD in Children    April 1, 2017

“My goal went from Seth getting good grades this year to him making the bus at least once a week. Talk about lowering the bar!”  -Joanna, exasperated parent Seth is a funny, energetic sixth grader who loves to play basketball, video games, and annoy his younger siblings.  When he is not cracking jokes or displaying his … read more »

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