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Five Successful Tips to Improving Your Child’s Behavior

ADHD in Children    October 30, 2015

The holidays often mean fancy outfits with scratchy tags and stiff shoes, long family sit down dinners and stressful exhausting social schedules…a recipe for ADHD related disasters. While we long to have gratitude and good tidings in our hearts, during this time of year, many parents and children living with ADHD feel extra frustration with the … read more »

Don’t Apologize! Guest Post by Ariel Davis

ADHD Awareness, Uncategorized    October 14, 2015

  Being your own advocate means finding the resources that are out there to support you. Sound too arduous? Consider the following strategies for getting accommodations, and more. Plan ahead. If you will soon be starting a new job or just got accepted to a university, contact the disability services or human resources office well in … read more »