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Changing the Way We See Our ADHD Child’s Behavior-Guest Bloggers The Jennettes

ADHD in Children    August 12, 2015

Each year, we take our son to have a vision examination. Every year, for the past three years, he has needed a change of lenses. His vision has changed, and the glasses just weren’t working for him anymore. Parents of children with ADHD and trauma often feel as though the “traditional parenting lens” they use to … read more »

Managing Circus Life with ADHD-Guest Blogger Elaine Taylor-Klaus of ImpactADHD

ADHD Awareness Book Project, ADHD Strategies    August 12, 2015

A home with ADHD is a lot like a three-ring circus. There’s constant activity in every direction, with emotions running high and low, all over the place. There’s always someone vying to be the center of attention, and others trying to impress and amaze. And then there’s the smoke and mirrors  — what it looks like … read more »

To Bope Or Not To Bope-Featured Contributor Michael Schuler

ADHD Awareness Book Project    August 11, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be (Shakespeare) And For Me To Bope Or Not To Bope ….. we live in a biper world i have spent the majority of my life trying to bipe i can bipe no longer i am a boper and i love to bope ….. This Is A Short Telling Of A … read more »