Monthly Archives: March 2015

Stop Missing Appointments!

I think my dentist is on to me.  Over the past year I have noticed an increase in their efforts to remind me of my appointments. In the good old days I would get a postcard two weeks before the appointment reminding me of the day and time.  I really appreciated this as most of my … read more »

Are You Tired of Job Hopping? by Roya Kravetz

ADHD Strategies, Adults with ADHD    March 12, 2015

I am excited to introduce you to Roya Kravetz of ADHD Success Coaching who is one of the 2015 ADHD Awareness Book Project contributors. Roya will be sharing more tips and stories in the October release of Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD.   Time after time the career coaching clients I work with tell me … read more »

Is Sunshine Enough? Vitamin D and ADHD 

ADHD Strategies    March 2, 2015

Daily, I take my vitamin B’s, vitamin C, but vitamin D? A couple of years ago a routine blood test showed that I had very low levels of vitamin D. You know, that vitamin that is produced automatically in our bodies when we are in the sunlight? Having lived in sunny California for over a decade, … read more »