Monthly Archives: February 2015

Your ADHD Valentine in Love and Relationships

ADHD Strategies    February 9, 2015

Ahh Valentine’s Day. A whole day traditionally devoted to celebrating love. And as it is quickly approaching, my thoughts turn to relationships, all sorts of different ADHD relationships, and how ADHD can be a test for even the strongest connections. When I work with adults, often the focus of our coaching sessions turns to a request … read more »

“Person, Place or Thing?” Supports for the Person with ADHD

ADHD Strategies, Adults with ADHD    February 2, 2015

The past couple of months have been doozies for me. You know those times when the first technical challenge happens and you try to laugh it off and chock it up to “life”? For instance, when your PC crashes for the third time that year and you scold yourself for expecting it not to do that … read more »

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