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Be Positive About Your ADHD

Roxanne Fouché of Focus for Effectiveness offers her tips on how to looks positively at ADHD. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

ADHD Couples Success Has Secret to ADHD in Relationship

ADHD Awareness Book Project, Adults with ADHD    September 30, 2013

Is ADHD involved in your relationship? Dr. Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford of ADHD Couples Success has THE tips on how to build your relationship and strengthen it! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Family support for ADHD

It really does take a village…and Tracy Goodwin and Holly Oberacker of Navigating ADHD can tell you how to create the support you need in this sneak peak of the new book MORE ways to succeed with ADHD, available October 2nd. Check out our ADHD Awareness Book Project blog for their video.