Monthly Archives: April 2013

ADHD and Co-existing Conditions

ADHD in Children, Adults with ADHD    April 16, 2013

When someone is struggling with ADHD challenges, it is rare that ADHD is their only diagnosed mental health condition.  It has been established that other psychiatric disorders frequently co-occur with ADHD. Often these are called “co-existing conditions” or more dramatically “co-morbid conditions”. The occurrence of having more than one disorder is consistently observed in psychiatric research.  … read more »

Tips and Tricks for Adult ADHD Conference Attendees

This month I wanted to share some experiences about conferences! I love conferences and look forward to the opportunities to travel around the country to enjoy some time with other ADHD coaches and entrepreneurs, increase awareness of ADHD challenges, and finally meet some of my long distance clients face-to-face. It’s sort of like the social season … read more »