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Emotional Procrastination: Does Your “Emotional Underwear” Have a Silver Lining?

ADHD Strategies    June 15, 2012

[Sunny Aldrich has a remarkable gift of taking an uncomfortable situation, adding in humor, and turning it into an essential life lesson. I hope you enjoy her guest post…] I always thought I put off doing things because they were difficult or I just didn’t know where to begin. At some point, though, it occurred to … read more »

5 Warning Signs That Could Be Your Tipping Point

ADHD Help, ADHD Strategies    June 2, 2012

Recently, I’ve noticed a pattern in my clients that I call the “tipping point”. The “tipping point” is basically a time in people’s lives when, for various reasons, the strategies they have been using to compensate for their ADHD challenges no longer seem to be working. This “tipping point” is often experienced along with feelings of overwhelm … read more »