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Do You Remember How You Felt When You (or a Loved One) Were First Diagnosed with ADHD?

ADHD Strategies, Adults with ADHD    May 25, 2012

While ADHD is becoming more understood and the community is growing by the day, there is still a lack of support for many people, especially those who have been recently diagnosed and have no idea where to turn for help. How did you feel when you heard the diagnosis? Were you scared? Uncertain about what to … read more »

3 Ways You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Others With ADHD

ADHD Awareness    May 18, 2012

When you’re living with ADHD (in yourself or a loved one), every day can feel like a struggle. And when you find something that works to make everyday life run just a little bit smoother, that one tip can be a lifesaver! And if that tip was shared with you by someone else, you feel eternally … read more »

Questions and Answers about ADHD Medications: Part 2

ADHD Help, ADHD Treatments & Medications    May 11, 2012

Here is part 2 of my guest blog on ADHD Man of DistrAction with Kelly Babcock: On Wednesday, Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, a certified ADHD coach and a nurse practitioner, answered questions from two readers. But I had some questions too. So I took the opportunity to ask a real expert and satisfy my curiosity. … read more »