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ADHD Strategies    April 27, 2011

The longer I work with persons with ADHD, the more I am convinced that procrastination is a learned behavior, not the personality flaw most seem to assume. Let’s for a minute look at procrastination from the brain’s point of view.  To begin with, the ADHD brain does not have enough dopamine to stimulate the front part … read more »

Tips for Increasing Your “Time Awareness”

ADHD Strategies    April 27, 2011

A client of mine recently said to me “I have to work on my time management but I never get to it!” Does this sound familiar? Problems with time management seem to lie at the heart of the difficulties faced by many adults with ADHD and it is perhaps one of the least appreciated of the … read more »

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Five Successful Tips to Improving Your Child’s Behavior

Uncategorized    April 27, 2011

Many parents of ADHD children have felt frustration with their child’s impulsivity, inattention and restlessness.  What you as parents of an ADHD child may not know, are five tips that can help/teach your child to be more in control of their behavior and still maintain their natural curiosity and enthusiasm. Be clear with the “rules” in … read more »

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