Nine Delightful Gift Ideas for People with ADHD

ADHD Resources    December 17, 2014

Oh Dear! Whether you’re ready for it or not, it is the holiday season! However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult time if you are shopping for someone diagnosed with ADHD.

This year I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite tools and gadgets that I either use myself or are just are too clever not to mention!

So, if you have some last minute shopping to do and you are looking for just the right gift for that special someone, any of these would be perfect under the tree, in a stocking or wrapped for a special holiday celebration. Happy Holidays!

[Click on the image or link to find these gift ideas online either at Amazon or website.]

614yMcuePTL._SX425_This type of liquid timer probably saved many wars from breaking out when my kids were growing up. With four kids these timers had one watching it for when their turn was up, the next making sure their turn would be next and a third simply entertained by the flow of the gel. More recently, I have to say that the variety of liquid timers are one of the favorite “tools” of my clients young and old alike. Liquid timers come in a variety of shapes and “times” and are great to use for taking turns, keeping time of shorter tasks such as how long to brush your teeth, preventing shower hours because they are waterproof and can be watched even when wet, helping young ones get a “sense of time” and occupying someone while they wait until it’s time to go.

61+hVM7e5-L._SX425_This is one of my new favorites! Perhaps I never outgrew my love for the texture of sand, but this kinetic sand that sticks together gets my vote. (Picture is the “Executive Sandbox by Brookstone.) It’s as if that round, solid walnut box that keeps the Sand neat gives me all the permission I need to open it up for desktop stress relief or just for fun! You’re never too old to play in the sand.


81VImfQ8jvL._SX425_Believe it or not I have an exercise/yoga ball just like this (only red) that I sit on every day in my office. Originally I used it to help heal a back injury and a year later it is still the most comfortable, ADHD friendly chair in the house!


Writing in Shower with Water - Monday Meeting (465 x 600) for WebsiteDo some of your most brilliant ideas or “aha” moments happen while you are in the shower! If you are like me, in the past I was caught having to step out of the shower with a head of shampoo, in order to jot down that brilliant thought! It’s why I love these handy waterproof pads and paper call My Aqua Notes. Now I can capture those thoughts quickly and easily. No more ideas down the drain!


31y-MG1i7CLAhhhh. The simplicity of a clear zippered bag. A see-thru bag like this is a must for organizing soooo many things! Of course using them it makes it easier to meet those pesky security requirements when I travel and I often use several of them to separately organize my travel size liquids, another for medication and another for my pens, highlighters and sticky notes. Recently I have also found they are just the right size to hold and see at the same time my numerous electronic chargers, earphones and gadgets. I wonder how many uses you could find for these!?

time-timer-plus-visual-timer_9fe3c8Not much would get done at home or at work without these handy timing tools called the Time Timer. I’ve used and recommended them for years and had the chance to meet the delightful creator behind this amazing tool at a recent conference. These are a must for anyone challenged by estimating time, benefit from seeing time count down or love to challenge themselves to beat the clock.

spin_prod_959310512Always fidgeting with something? Spinner rings are a very clever and might I say classy way to be able to fiddle with something…literally right at our fingertips. Although they come in all shapes and sizes this one with a cat caught my eye…can you say “stocking stuffer”?


41XJtjNc9kL._SX425_I’m always on the lookout for new alarm clock. The fact is, getting up and out of bed is one of the hardest challenges for people with ADHD. Anytime I see a new idea for making sure my feet hit the floor in the morning I am game to share it. This clock will not only rouse you from your slumber with a distinctive alarm, but will shake the bed and hop around until you turn it off. Perfect!


61bSrUQD-gL._SX522_How many hours do you waste trying to find something? What would it be like to be able to find your keys, wallet, purse… quicker and easier? That is exactly what this little tiledoes when you sync it with your smart phone. This year this little white chip gets my “clever mention” award for one of the best new ideas to make our lives with ADHD just a little bit less stressful!

Happy holidays!

It is Normal with ADHD To…

ADHD Awareness    December 15, 2014

Here at Coaching for ADHD I love getting emails from you! Especially when you ask questions and want more understanding or clarification about something ADHD related.

-day-dreamingRecently I received an email from a father asking a question about his son’s behavior. He wanted to know if it was “normal” for someone with ADHD to be able to focus on some things and not be able to focus on other things.

Great question, right? Isn’t ADHD an attention deficit issue? How can an ADHD child spend hours building towers on Minecraft, but can only attend to drawing a picture for five minutes?

Answer: It is completely normal for someone with ADHD to be able to focus intensely on something they find interesting or fun and to have difficulty maintaining focus on something that is innately less interesting to the person. This doesn’t mean it isn’t important or that the person doesn’t know it is important. The challenge for ADHD is holding our attention on something that is not as interesting to us.

So this question got me thinking…what other emails have I received over the last 12 years wondering about what is “normal” for someone with ADHD, so I thought I would share some of my answers with you. Check out the list below:

  • It is normal with ADHD to not be diagnosed until adulthood.
  • It is normal with ADHD to excel at some things in your life and struggle greatly in other ways.
  • It is normal with ADHD to forget what we actually did during the day and beat ourselves up because it feels as if we have accomplished nothing.
  • It is normal with ADHD to read something multiple times and not remember what it said.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be able to concentrate better with music or a TV program playing on low in the background.
  • It is normal with ADHD to take hours to fall asleep because our brains are busy or we are bored.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be incredibly bothered by a small tag from clothing, but not notice the pile of laundry growing on the bedroom floor.
  • It is normal with ADHD to feel better organized with piles of papers on our desk rather than have them in files in a drawer.
  • It is normal with ADHD to feel like waiting 5 minutes for something we want seems like forever while several hours doing something we enjoy passes in a mere second.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be a “time optimist” and believe we can pick up the house, reply to an email, wash the dog and empty the dishwasher in just 5 minutes.
  • It is normal with ADHD to spend hours finishing a project or homework and then forget to hand it in.
  • It is normal with ADHD (inattentive type) to appear slow moving on the outside even though our brains are racing one hundred miles an hour inside our heads.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be very intelligent but do poorly on academic standards.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have difficulty remembering any more than three things at a time.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be able to be detail-oriented and notice the small thing in one area of our life, but get lost in the big picture in other areas.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be sitting in a restaurant and hear everyone one else’s conversations in the room, but not be able to focus on the person talking right in front of you.
  • It is normal with ADHD to self-medicate with caffeine, smoking, alcohol, marijuana or illegal substances in order to feel like our brains are calm, balanced or normal.
  • It is normal with ADHD to get bored in the middle of a task and not finish it.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have difficulty prioritizing tasks.
  • It is normal with ADHD to experience success with a system and then simply stop using it and forget why.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have a zillion amazing ideas and not be able to follow through on any of them.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be looking at a person and not hear what they just said.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have problems getting started on a task.
  • It is normal with ADHD for people to think you are just unmotivated, lack discipline or are lazy.
  • It is normal with ADHD to spend an hour in the shower and not even get your hair wet.
  • It is normal with ADHD to hyper focus on something we really enjoy and want to spend all our time doing just thing.
  • It is normal with ADHD to run a large successful business and not remember to pay your own monthly bills on time.
  • It is normal with ADHD to be very intuitive and simply “know things,” but have no idea how we know them.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have challenges socially or with our relationships because we interrupt people, finish their sentences or talk only about ourselves.
  • It is normal with ADHD for other people to think we are faking it.
  • It is normal with ADHD for other people to ask to buy your medication.
  • It is normal for ADHD (especially women) to become much worse as we age and feel like our brain has left the building.
  • It is normal with ADHD to feel overwhelmingly out of control most of the time and respond to this with either angry outbursts or by becoming withdrawn and tearful.
  • It is normal with ADHD to walk into a room and have forgotten what you were there for.
  • It is normal with ADHD to hear that people don’t believe you have ADHD.
  • It is normal with ADHD to work 10 times as hard as other people and not experience the same reward or success.
  • It is normal with ADHD to have lots of talents, skills and strengths and not even be aware of them.

…and the list could go on! There are so many things that are normal for people with ADHD to do, feel or think. Things that people without ADHD can’t relate to or understand. Things that people often misinterpret as intentional and end up getting angry and frustrated about.

When we all better understand ADHD – what is normal for people with ADHD – we can start to be able to let go of blame, anger or guilt and can begin appreciating the intricate world of ADHD.

So the next time you take 15 minutes to walk upstairs and forget what you were talking about on the phone and why you were there, just remember – it’s normal!

Ultimate Book Lovers Gift Guide

ADHD Resources    December 2, 2014

Happy Holidays and Happy reading!

This gift guide was compiled by Audrey van Petegem and Suzanne Letourneau of the ballyhoos, who support Indie Authors with their Branding and Marketing needs.

The Holidays are coming and you know what that means…..It’s that time of year when you start looking for inspiring gift ideas to give to friends and family! Sure you can give gift cards or clothes, but why not give something that is a bit more meaningful?

Everybody loves a good book! Whether you are looking for a unique hostess gift, something for the office gift exchange or the perfect gift to give to that someone special, a book is always well received.

To make it easier for you, we have put together the Ultimate Book Lover’s Gift Guide. There is something for everyone on your list. From inspirational to fun reads and titles for the younger readers (or young at heart). And, hey, you may even find something for yourself!


stackedBooks Over iT – Mary Buchan

We all have an “iT” to get over, some challenge in life that seems difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. This may be a problem with health, a past trauma, or stressful situation in our finances or career. Sometimes the “iT” stems from broken relationships or negative judgments we’ve encountered during our journey. In this award winning book Mary combines lighthearted personal stories with ancient wisdom keys. She shares life-changing insights that will help you drive away the dark shadows from your life and break free from whatever is holding you back from your full potential. These keys transformed Mary and they can change your life! Great gift that can be bought here. Buy here.



Deborah Hall Million Dollar Moments – Deborah L. Hall

What if everything you’ve ever been taught is a lie? What if we’ve been living under false assumptions? How can we know for sure? How can we find the truth? Today’s internet bombards us with daily information creating cognitive dissonance as we struggle with who to trust and what to believe. Million Dollar Moments sorts through the noise of these mixed messages bringing usto the only possible truth: your own truth. In 5 minute bursts of brain change each day, Million Dollar Moments shows you the path to uncover and claim your truth. These daily gems of inspiration will illuminate your values regarding business, love, creativity, and resources while encouraging and supporting you to step into who YOU are! Need a quote for a presentation or a speech? You’ll find some gems on these pages. Need a boost for the day? Open the book randomly to any page and you’ll get the inspiration that is meant just for your eyes for that day. Buy here.


SOAR with Vulnerability – Suzanne Letourneau

This is your book. The book that is inside of you all-ways. We all have a story to tell. In mine, I share how the biggest turning point of my life has opened my heart to receiving the best gift of all – Vulnerability.
Vulnerability works hand in hand with Authenticity. And from the moment you experience your authenticity, your true self, you will not want to be anything else but authentic.
Vulnerability is about daring to be more than who you think you are. Get Curious. Be Outrageous. Buy here.


oh La La! Réalité


unnamedBeing French – Francois Roland

François Roland is thoroughly, irrepressibly French – Parisian, in fact! His book, Being French! A Frenchman’s Guide to a More Sensual Life, is a memoir as well as a collection of essays about sensuality. In it, Roland shares his own experiences and insights gained from a rich and intense sensual life, and from that perspective, the book proposes to its readers that they envision sensuality from a distinctly French point of view.
What allows some people to have satisfying, harmonious, and happy sensual lives while others are miserable and unfulfilled? Roland came to realize that the French probably handle sensual life quite differently than people elsewhere and maybe with a better prospect of making it delightful, fulfilling, and an integral part of a full and balanced life. Buy his ebook here.


LOL;-) Living Out Loud - Veronica Tanzen

An estimated 30 to 40 million North Americans use online dating sites, and the growing industry can now take credit for 17% of all marriages on the continent. Not surprisingly, a myriad of online dating self-help books have popped up on shelves—how-to’s and self-proclaimed success stories of finding a mate. This story is definitely not one of those. Living Out Loud takes you on a fresh and quirky ride through one woman’s attempt to master the science of cyber-dating while navigating her way down the road to finding true love. Start with a once-conflicted, twice-divorced single mother, toss in some humorous self-discovery, sprinkle in a smattering of questionable dating profiles, and wrap it all up in a very colourful package that will make you want to laugh, cry and have you want to read the whole book in one sitting! Just click here for a fun and enjoyable read. Buy here.


Thought Provoking

A God for all seasons

A God for All Seasons – Patti Tingen

Based on Ecclesiastes 3, A God for all Seasons takes the reader on a year long journey, month by month. Starting with winter, the book moves through the natural seasons of the year. Each chapter correlates with a month and offers personal testimony and insights for the various spiritual seasons that we all experience. The theme of the book is that God’s love and presence is with us through every time and every season of our lives. 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Silver Medal Winner in the Christian Non-Fiction Category. Great gift idea for the person of faith that can be bought directly on Amazon. Buy here.




A River of Tears, The River of Hope – Orit Murad Rehany

A River of Tears The River of Hope centers on the saga of the Two Torah Scrolls, and of an fluent and thriving community living peacefully for 2600 years until World War II and the events of Nazism, anti-Semitism and hatred took place in the ancient region known as the Cradle of Civilization, or modern days Iraq.

A River of Tears The River of Hope follows the enchanting and fascinating Murad family. The Murad family brought to Israel a proud heritage to share with the world including the two Torah Scrolls of their beloved father and grandfather, Rabbi Ezra Murad.

Rabbi Murad’s two Torah Scrolls traveled with the family to Israel. While settling in Israel the Murad family showed us the most valuable elements of hope, drive, and determination as they continued to thrive in Israel and Canada. A River of Tears The River of Hope will welcome readers into the history of the Murad family and their amazing journey from a world filled with oppression and tyranny, to one supported by acceptance and support. Buy here.


Fun Reads

are you kidding me

Are You Kidding Me? – Stacey Gustafson

My Life with an Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and Crazy Relatives, a compilation of hilarious, surprising, and relatable stories. The book reached #4 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list for its category during its debut week. Hop into your minivan and get ready to cruise through the crazies of Suburbia! Humorist Stacey Gustafson makes an entertaining tour guide in Are You Kidding Me?, a brash, voyeuristic peek inside the topsy-turvy world of suburban motherhood, midlife madness, and all points in between. If you’ve ever called SWAT on a neighbor, faked a heart attack in church, or pulled your hair out while questioning the sanity of your family, Stacey’s tongue-in-cheek brand of humor will resonate with you. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to fasten your seat belt. Buy here.


Drink Wine and Giggle

Drink Wine and Giggle - Deb Mangolt & Julie Smethurst

(101 ways girlfriends can connect, have fun and be inspired) combines friendship and personal growth in a collection of easy-to-follow activities that have been tested and proven to turn girlfriend get-togethers into life-shifting experiences. The activities in DWAG include short projects, exercises or excursions. The book is divided into four sections—mind, body, soul and funny bone—with twenty-five activities in each. The perfect get-together companion, Drink Wine and Giggle uses the power of girlfriends to inspire women to get the life they deserve. Buy here.


Empowered Women Empowered Women of Social Media

Empowered Women of Social Media – This book is perfect for the woman who is looking to find her VOICE. Finding ones voice means a deep self-discovery of life at its core. Read about women who have used Facebook, Google and Twitter to get support while they were going through breast cancer, midlife crisis and depression. Many women used social media to find their business path and create successful companies.Empowered Women of Social Media is a timeless collection of first time stories written by first time authors. Finding their voice meant writing their story, transcending pain and transforming their life. This book is for you if you are a woman who has been muted from abuse and violence, scared into silence from childhood trauma, or was simply raised to be seen not heard. This book will make a great gift. Buy here.


Laurie Dupar

Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD – Laurie Dupar

The fourth book in the best-selling ADHD Awareness Book Project series, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD:Real Life Stories and Strategies to Help You Thrive with ADHD is a one-of-a-kind informative and inspirational resource for people with ADHD containing over 100 strategies and stories to empower, enlighten, educate and entertain. Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD asked 40 ADHD experts: “What is your best strategy or story to help people succeed?”Within these pages is that one tip, strategy, resource or story that is the answer or inspiration to help you succeed with ADHD! Buy here.




Find Your Self-Culture – Victoria Lorient-Faibish

Find Your “Self-Culture” takes you on a journey of case studies, exercises and teachings from Victoria Lorient-Faibish’s twenty years of working with clients in her busy practice as a Relationship Expert and Holistic Psychotherapist . Learn to move beyond depression and anxiety, rewire your brain towards profound joy and transform your inner bully into a supportive coach. Learn also how to set healthy boundaries while healing the hurt child within and moving past shame, anger and guilt. This empowering book will facilitate you breaking the cycle of family dysfunction and setting you on the path of self acceptance. Buy here.

New Moms

10 months

It’s Really 10 Months? – Natalie Guenther, Kim Schenkelberg & Celeste Snodgrass

No one ever tells you about all of the crap that happens to you when you’re pregnant. We are three thirty-something women who were fortunate enough to be pregnant at the same time. We began sharing our questions, fears, humor, and experiences through emails, which became a lifeline and virtual support group. We are here to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of our experiences. This book is for anyone who wants to have fun, who wants to laugh, who wants to know what it is like to be afraid for your baby, who doesn’t mind poking fun at herself, who can lay it all out there. Even if you never have any intention of being pregnant, you can laugh with us – or at us. Perfect for the mamma to be that can be bought directly from Amazon. Buy here.



Motherhood – JC Little

This is the universal story of motherhood, from the gentle moment of birth to the inevitable letting go. In the playful and poignant simplicity that is her signature style, JC Little has captured the tender bond between mother and child. Motherhood is a timeless picture-book for mothers, sons and daughters of all ages. Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Buy here.



Greenmama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future – Manda Aufochs Gillespie

What are the most pressing problems facing new parents today? As the world has gotten increasingly complicated, so has parenting. Manda Aufochs Gillespie, The Green Mama, brings 20 years of green consulting, research, and lots of humour to a variety of topics that affect the health and well-being of our children. You’ll find help getting back to the basics at a time when the “basics” are being redefined: clean air, nutritious food, simple play, healthy indoor and outdoor environments, and less stuff.

The Green Mama helps parents become what they were always meant to be: experts on the care of their own children.

[Green Mama] is a how-to book, but it’s also a manifesto of sorts: a manifesto declaring that no corporation or manufacturer is the boss of you, and that you have more control over the development of your family than an advertise-and-buy economy would have you believe.” —Jordan Yerman, Vancouver Observer.
A great gift for a new family! Buy here.


Children, Tween and Teens

 PickleWeasel Picture Riddles
 (Book 1) – JC LittlePickle

What’s that playful PickleWeasel up to? There are 101 tricky PickleWeasel picture riddles to have fun figuring out. Some of the words are easy and some are more of a challenge, with clues in every picture. You can “hide” and “reveal” the answers with your very own thumbs, and the words are inverted, for those who pride themselves on their upside-down reading skills.
Story artist JCLittle has created a wacky, zany, super-fabulous and slightly educational collection of PickleWeasels for kids 8 – 12.
Bonus: Flip the corners of the book to see a little animation, just for laffs. PickleWeasel is a jaunty fellow! Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Buy here.


Magelica’s Voyage Magelica 1- Louise Courey Nadeau

A Magical Fairy Tale about Believing in Yourself, Love and Positivity. The Perfect Gift for Children This Holiday!

Who ever heard of a girl being hatched from an egg the color of sapphires? Magelica doesn’t know where she came from or who she really is. But when she is transported to the Isle of Dreams in a flying bathtub, she launches into an exciting adventure of discovery. Come fly with Magelica and discover for yourself the power of imagination, positivity, believing in yourself and love! This first book is part of a trilogy that with touch not only a child’s heart but everyone who reads it.
Magelica’s Gift set includes the beautiful Magelica storybook, and magical feather necklace making it the perfect gift for a child ages 5 -11. Wear the feathers together or share a feather with a best friend. Available in French, English and Spanish. Buy here.

Janie Emaus

Mercury in Retro Love – Janie Emaus

A story about crushes, conflicts and astrological PMS.

When fifteen-year-old, Emma Siegel lays eyes on hottie Evan Randolph, she knows he is the boy for her. Using her school newspaper column, Emmastrology, she deliberately and craftily manipulates the end of his present relationship, and sets herself up to be his new girlfriend. Unfortunately, Emma does not predict the mess she gets herself into.

MERCURY IN RETRO LOVE follows Emma on her journey toward self-awareness. Her unflinching belief in astrology sets up more than a few roadblocks and threatens to derail her friendships with her best friends in the whole world. Available on Amazon. Buy here.

The Last Snowman – JC Littlethe snowman

“This afternoon it snowed. It was probably one of the last snows of the winter, so it was lovely sticky snow…perfect for making a snowman.” So begins the funny and poignant tale of a teenage girl and a dangerously tall snowman.
The LAST Snowman is a book with timeless appeal for children and adults alike. Award-winning story artist JC Little has playfully captured a tender “moment” in family life, marking the ephemeral grace between childhood and adolescence. Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and hardcover direct from the author. Buy here.


Can’t decide? Buy the Netflix of Books

E-Go books

UNIQUE Gift for Book Lovers! The e-GO! Library is today’s Top 1,000 Indie eBooks, picked by 5 million avid readers, PLUS 250 Bonus Classics – all on preloaded & portable USB drive. Fiction & non-fiction titles span all genres.

No WiFi or Internet required. Saves downloading time. Holds 3 file formats PDF, Kindle (PRC) and EPUB for Kindle, Nook, iPad, laptop, computer, tablet, and or smartphones too. Works with all devices to enjoy anywhere, anytime! This great gift idea puts 1,250 books in anyone’s pocket. Help them escape boring reading. Find the Best Sellers of tomorrow and discover the undiscovered today. Check out their website here.

From our bookshelf to yours…Have a wonderful holiday season!